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Boston Union Guidelines

Booth set-up and dismantle

The unpacking, assembling, dismantling and packing of displays and equipment may be done by full-time employees of an exhibiting company. Exhibitors are allowed to set-up and/ or dismantle their own booths, provided that they use their own bona fide, full-time employees. It is acceptable for exhibitors to safely use power tools to set-up and/or dismantle their own booths.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted on the loading docks, in truck bays or in the loading dock yard. Additionally, no one under the age of 18 is permitted in the exhibit halls during move-in or move-out operations. The Licensee will determine age restrictions, if any, for hours when the exhibit hall is open for attendees.

Material handling

Exhibitors are allowed to perform their own material handling, providing all of the following criteria are met:

Move-in procedures

All exhibitor move-in is restricted to the Hynes loading areas. No exhibitor will be allowed access with his or her move-in materials via any other entrance to the facility. Please note the hand carry rule below.

Hand-carry policy

The MCCA reserves the right to restrict all freight and package deliveries to the loading dock. MCCA Public Safety personnel will be on site to direct and assist exhibitors during move-in and move-out.

For the convenience and safety of exhibitors and patrons, all freight and material handling must enter and exit the facility through the loading dock. The Licensee and its exhibitors will be allowed to hand carry one item, one time, in or out of the facility without having to access the loading dock. (Hand-carried freight is defined as one item that can be easily carried by an individual, without the need for dollies or other mechanized equipment.)

No parking is allowed at the Boylston Street entrance of the facility, and the use of passenger elevators for movement of freight is not allowed. All packages are subject to inspection by facility personnel.